No one can support your vision.


The most difficult part of human achievements is the fact that no one else in the world can support or drive them its success comes from within you.

Your vision is locked away in your own head, you can describe it, you can explain it you can draw it but not a single soul can view it inside your head, it’s a vision that only you can see.

People can support your sacrifices and choices along the way, they can complete a task to help you achieve your vision but they can’t achieve your vision for you.

This means that your failure is down to you, this means your ultimate success in making your vision come to life is down to you.

Don’t worry if you meet hinderances and problems along the way, don’t give up because everyone you tell says it’ll never work or say it’s a waste of time, because firstly they cant see the vision and there are 7 billion people in the world so someone will also think it’s a great vision once they see it too, in it’s complete realisation.

I see a vision as virtually seeing the future and it’s upto you to work towards it, for some it might just be a weeks work, for others a lifetimes work.  New Era began in the 1800’s with a vision to make hats for everyone and in the last 10 years this vision has finally happened as New Era hats are the ultimate hat brand in sports wear and pop culture fashion.

So I’m encouraging you today, don’t give up because even if you do someone else out there is having the same vision, but the question is not will it ever happen but who will make it happen.

Go for it!


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