Paralympics Winter Games.


I’m eagerly awaiting the Paralympic Games, and like any watched pot it’s taking ages to boil.  I look forward to the Paralympic events as much if not more than the able bodied athletes because I love to see human achievement beyond the odds.  I find the Paralympic games inspirational and encouraging not as if I’m going to rush out and jump on a pair of skis, I’m not inspired to compete as they are, I’m inspired to achieve in my dreams and desires because I am reminded anything is possible for the inspired and passionate.

ImageWith the opening ceremony kicking off on the 7th March and the games ending on the 16th of March I am hoping that the coverage and enthusiasm for it is as great as for the Winter Olympics.  One day I hope that the Winter Olympics and Olympics are held together at the same time and not separated as they currently are.  There is no reason why they can not be along side each other with alternate events such as the 100m able bodied followed by the 100m disabled bodied competitors with their heats and finals back to back.  There would be obvious exclusions to this where specialist exquipment might be required and not easily organised to share the same space, but where the events can share the same track or pool there is no reason why the events can not take place together.  I think once that day comes it will be a great day for both sports and for humanity as a whole, I believe it will grow the Paralympics and the Stars of their sport into Super Stars alongside the likes of Usain Bolt and Mo Farrah rather than the current lack of interest and respect that it currently has.

For me the Paralympics athletes are bigger Super Stars than the able bodied stars simply because they not only need to perfect their sport and all that comes with that physically but also because they have to overcome their disability and the internal battle that also goes with that.

I hope that you find time and the interest to tune in and support our athletes rather than view the Paralympics as an after thought and not worth your time.



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