New car new attitude.


After my first 3 cars being cheap bangers, as advised for your early years of driving, I invested in a brand new car of my desire.  I managed to avoid any scrapes on my first three cars with no worries only to dent and scrape my brand new car after about a month of owing it straight off of the lot.

I remember having sleepless nights because every time I heard a noise outside I would suspect my precious car being stolen.  Every noise outside whatever time of day was a suspect threat to my lovely new car.  I eventually sold my pride and joy and thought it best (my wife said) to invest in a cheaper second hand car once again.  Since then I have only ever bothered with bangers and slept easy and driven carefree (within the law obviously).  I’ve had my cars dented and scraped I’ve had wing mirrors knocked off and never ran back to check I locked the car door.  The only downfall with an old banger is that although you don’t mind dents to it it’s the dents to the male ego that takes a hit.

Men like cars, men like fast cars, sexy cars and expensive cars, men like to know about cars, talk about cars and compare cars and yes it would seem that a car is an extension of a man’s peninsula.

I’ve just replaced my old banger with a newer, nicer car after running my old car into the ground.  I had parts falling off, I did not care how dirty or messy it was because it was so old and run down I saw no purpose in presentation.  It was my workhorse and served one purpose alone, getting from a – b and often only from a – A not quite reaching b at all.

I chose my car pretty much the same way I always do, practical and not pricey enough that I worry about it.  I found one and it met my requirements.  After picking it up I was surprised that it looked much better in real life than in the pictures, in fact it was a bit of a treat for me.  This new car tapped into that dormant part of my male thinking the part that enjoyed my car and driving experience, I was excited, I felt liberated again.

Since picking up my new (not brand new) car I have found my old habits returning again, fearing damage to it, suddenly remembering that cars have wing mirrors, double checking the car is locked and being careful how close I park to other cars in car parks, especially if there is signs of children in the adjacent cars.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing special to most people, but when you have owned old bangers for as many years as me this is a rare treat and a surprise treat at that.

I have already taken it upon myself to wash the outside because of a bit of dirt, which compared to my old car makes it look like spotting a polar bear in a snow storm.  I cleaned inside the wheel arches and mud flaps, I have brushed out the inside clearing any signs of dirt or crumbs and am already planning on getting a brush especially for the car or putting my portable vacuum in the boot and possibly even a jet wash.

Now that I have this surprise treat I even find myself thinking of places to go with the car just so that I can take it for a drive, part of me hoping that all of the people that have only ever seen me driving my old bangers can see me in my new car, but also, so that I can enjoy looking for it when I park and return to my car, I even like the colour which I don’t usually even consider.

So I have discovered that, as a man, I had supressed this fundamental part of my character for far too long and that my car did matter, I don’t understand it but I now understand it’s importance and don’t plan on neglecting it any longer, unless for some reason I have no choice, I will be content with any car but excited about my car is something else altogether.



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