The future of charity


To me I see a sense urgency, prevention rather than cure!

England was once the most charitable nation on earth and possibly still is.  We probably owe our charitable past to our religious background seeing as Christianity’s principle foundation is charity.

Poverty_info_graphic_v2Since the decline of Christianity in the UK there has been a decline in charitable donating, add that with the current financial crisis and people are becoming reluctant to give.  There has been so many charitable “fails” and scams over the boom years that many people are skeptical to give, especially to small less established charities and with the corruption of some African governments few see any point to donate to African based charities.

Our government had been supporting many of these charities with grants, as well as setting up & taking over our domestic charities as part of the infrastructure.

But what of the future?

energy_2688998bThe current financial crises has highlighted a grave problem in our civilized society, our government perhaps can not afford to support the weaker needier parts of our society and with cutbacks inevitable may pull out from many of its community support projects.

This will mean that we will see our communities become less civilized than they currently are, charities working in our communities will also receive less funding than before, placing huge strains on the current infrastructure probably breaking it down to a tiny portion than its current state.

Children-play-on-a-burned-006This will mean that literally over night your community in which you live will begin to crack and breakdown, crime would probably rise under the demise to social support groups and all of this just down your street.  The knock on effects to insurance policies alone for cars and homes would rise, property prices may fall because crime and poverty grows in your area.

So then if this is the future of British life under those situations what can we do to avoid it?

In America the Church works alongside politics in care in the community and is the primary service provider of social services in their community, but with the dwindling of our religious communities, especially the Church, so we can’t rely on them, unless we all begin investing in our local Churches once again.  So what can we “the British community” do to help the communities in which we live?  We will have to become more charitable once again.

We the people of this Great Briton will, nay must, pick up the slack that our government can no longer keep hold of or watch our communities crumble at the seams.

Jubilee-2000-001We must rally around our local community charities and social services now in preparation for the hand over from Government to people, we must be investing in our local charities from now in order to prevent its demise rather than later when we are trying to cure its demise.

What does this mean to us, the people?

It doesn’t really mean much to us , it’s an investment, even in saving our own current investments as mentioned earlier (house and car) and like all investments it might mean buying a 36″ screen rather than a 40″ screen tv, it might mean we buy our child one less toy that month or 1 less bottle of wine.  A sacrifice I’m sure we can all make if we are honest with ourselves.  We need to regain our need and urgency for charity especially within our communities, we need to recognise that charity might begin at home but so does crime and falling investments.  We must stop thinking it’s someone elses responsibility as it currently is because it wont be soon enough.  We must transform our current mind-set and prepare in readiness to take the strain that is to come.  After all no one takes the strain without first preparing by stretching and building up to a heavier weight.

If our community fails our country fails, if our country fails we all fail.  Our pound’s strength is only as strong as our communities.


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