Role reversal of the sexes.


ImageI was thinking about Skinny jeans hanging down around your bum rather than your waste and thought back to an image of this with the words “he looks so sexy in those skinny jeans said no woman ever.”  I then realised that if women don’t find it attractive who are the men dressing for?  Themselves and other guys is the only answer I can assume.  This reminds me of the many conversations with women about the reason they want to look nice, I assumed it was for us men, but have been informed that it is actually for themselves and other women not us men.

This ignited a whole train of thought.  I thought back to when men dressed to impress women and clearly that is ending now, I then thought about how many other role reversals there have been and decided to list them below.

  • Earning power
  • House husbands
  • men weight watching
  • women having multiple boyfriends at the same time
  • an increase in men desiring monogamous relationships more than women
  • male single parent families
  • the large number of affairs by women rather than men
  • the increase in male strippers
  • the increase in women watching pornography

and i realised that much of the old gender stereotypes have swapped gender in this modern era or at least overlap.  Is this a gender confusion, do these stereotypes link to gender genes or just socialisation?

I’m no scientist but I’d love to see any research into this, are our genes changing because of things like hormone altering drugs in our water such as “the pill” which is a non biodegradable drug recycled with our water an average of 7 times.  Or is it a case of socialisation and nothing more?  If it is genetic, what is causing it and is it reversible?  Is this and other evidence such as male infertility all linked to this new genetic trend?

Are men becoming more female and women becoming more male?  Another piece of evidence would be the huge increase in the openly homosexual and bisexual community.  Many years ago there might well have been the same number of these sexual preference groups but due to it’s taboo in our earlier societies perhaps they just remained hidden, suppressing their sexuality and the current increase is not an increase at all merely a mass “coming out”?  But considering the few numbers of the older generations owning up to their own hidden sexual preferences I can only assume that it is in fact an increase and not a mass coming out.  If this is true then it would be another piece of valuable evidence in the genetic argument of these changes.

ImageHave we incorrectly defined a man for so many years because of old ways of socialisation and just recently been liberated to redefine a man and a woman?  Is there such thing as a man and a woman by character or have we invented it and now reinvented it?  Perhaps there are just many levels to the spectrum of manliness and female personality?  Perhaps we were just narrow for far too long but are just seeing the fruits of freedom and the amazing spectrum of types of men and women and the 2 sexes have always overlapped except for them suppressing their true character?  After all there have always been key characters in history that defy the norm and are more masculine or feminine than their socially acceptable norms such as Joan of Arch and her great  warrior abilities.  Looking at history and the earliest recorded civilizations such as the Roman’s and Greeks who had a large number of records of bisexual and homosexual socially acceptable relationships as well as early uses of skirts for men etc. this would be filed in the socialisation side of the argument.

Meanwhile I wait to find out the answers, for now in my slippers and smoking my pipe but perhaps one day in fluffy pink slippers wearing lipstick?  ( I don’t really smoke, just stereo typing).


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