Is there only one humanity?

As the Russian Olympics  draws to an end, the hype about Russia’s “homophobia” is the main subject of the games, I’m left pondering “is there only one humanity?”

We in the West are eagerly standing by with picket signs and ballot boxes, with pressure groups and support groups readying ourselves to rush Russia’s shores on behalf of the homosexual minority in Russia.

So is that because we in the West have got “it” right, by “it” I mean humanity.  Is Russia trailing behind us “the superior authority” on the mater of humanity?  Are we the moral saviors of the world?

I’m not having a rant and I’m not saying I agree or disagree with either stand point I’m just asking myself the question?

Is it right that we enforce our version of humanity upon millions of others?  Is it right that if a democracy such as Russia who have a majority agreement to not accept homosexual “propaganda”  should be pressured by our democracies to change their opinion by political force?

What allows one country’s brand of humanity to be “greater” than another, to the point that change is expected? Or is there truly only one real humanity that those not practicing are oppressors rather than civilized and humane?

Is this about evolution?  Is mankind evolving greater tolerance of natural selections weaker genes i.e. those unable to reproduce due to genetic sexual preference? (not my words, quoting the concepts behind evolution’s survival of the fittest.)  Thus our society is more evolved than theirs?  Are we in the West closer to perfect humanity than they are in Russia therefore they are less evolved?  If we are more evolved and better accepting in our progressed humanity then should we not then tolerate Russia’s weaker genetic state until they catch up, thus extending our more perfect humanity of tolerance towards those “ignorant” Russian’s also?  If that is the case, who want’s to be the first one to tell the Russian’s they are less evolved?

I mentioned homosexual “propaganda”  because Russia did not reject homosexuality as a part of their society they simply rejected the “western” propaganda to under 18’s, and again this leads me to question is this a case of “we are right” because we believe we are more humanitarian? Or are we both right because there isn’t “one humanity” and we should not interfere with international politics? The fact is, on the international scale of human rights violations in politics the sheer magnitude of other human rights violations globally resulting in genocide seem some what more pressing at this time, after all both Russia and the West are selling weapons to the Syria conflict which seems a conflict of interests in the homosexual human rights debate.

I also hear no international outcry by our more evolved western governments or our media for the current genocide of “Christians” globally, current statistics being approximately 1 persecution every 7 seconds including torture imprisonment and death, Yet Russia IS speaking out “this must stop!” in it’s version of humanity.  Are homosexual human rights violations and freedoms more important to the West than religious rights and freedoms that are currently resulting in Christian genocide?

Although Russia is the current subject of our attention we forget not that this fight is global and not just with Russia, much of Africa is also part of our fight, with countries in Africa that not long ago was the attention of  our media focus. I’m not sure of the other political stances from around the world because “our media hasn’t informed us” who else is seen as “backwards” in their humanity.

It seems that none of us are perfect politically or humanitarianly and perhaps we should take the plank out of our own eye before pointing out the splinter in Russia’s eye?

These aren’t my views these are questions for me to ask myself and for all of us to ask ourselves as individuals.

I have not reached a conclusion and probably wont come to the right conclusion until my own version of humanity has evolved to perfection itself, if ever.

Until then my question is still “is there only one right humanity, if so who has it? If not why should we force our version of humanity on others?”


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