Hot bums!


Now that I have your attention, my play on words proving successful.  I’m not going to talk about sexy rear ends I’m blogging about following in the footsteps of the opposite sex.

Today I drove the car my wife drove yesterday and 20 minutes into the drive I realised that my bum was getting rather hot beneath me, a little too hot for my liking.  I noticed it because it was making me uncomfortable so I reached for the seat heater button and speedily switched it off.  I have never enjoyed the concept of a heated seat no matter how cold it is outside, for me that is what a car heater is for not a seat heater.  No men I know enjoy the heated seat experience yet the women seem to love it, I’m not about to try to understand why, I’m just thinking about the life of walking in the footsteps of the opposite sex that has gone before us.

ImageLeaving the toilet seat up is a woman’s big anthem, when a woman follows in a man’s footsteps and uses the bathroom after their men folk they often find a toilet seat left up where as they prefer it down and vice versa.  But what about us men how many things do we have to adjust in our daily lives to suit our masculine genes?

I mentioned the heated car seat but a car has many adjustments that require manly adjustments, for instance after a woman has driven the seat must go from directly under the steering wheel to as near the rear seats as possible (legroom).  Then there’s the mirror adjustments, I can only assume that the rear view mirror was used for applying make up rather than driving, based on the very strange location it was pointing in.  The music or radio station might need adjusting, I know it does in my car and the ever present driving shoes that find a constant home in the car for when those completely impractical pair of shoes for driving must be changed in order to make safe use of the car.

Then we have the in house male changes such as the number of cushions required for one sofa or bed, a woman must have more cushions on the bed and sofa than Ikea has in store.  A man, being the rightful user of one half of the bed or sofa then has to move the cushions from his side of the furniture and place them “re-fluffed” and tidily on her side just so that he can use his side of the furniture comfortably.

ImageWhen attempting to use the shower he must maneuver around the multiple layers of beauty products and find his one bottle of 2 in 1 shower gel and shampoo.  During the shower he finds himself knocking over a minimum of 3 bottles of potions and attempting to place them back where they came from although trying to find a space is near impossible, which is quite worrying considering they must have fallen from somewhere but where?

The toolbox, a man returns to his toolbox after a woman asking to borrow a screwdriver only to discover it has either been put back in the spanner compartment or worse still, ended up in a kitchen draw instead.

The garage or shed with everything in it’s place the warm sunny day when you are at work and your wife thinks it’s a good idea to do some gardening, you return to someone else’s shed or garage.

I can’t think of any at the moment but I’m sure I will come across a few instances this week of walking in a woman’s footsteps. I’d love to hear of your examples of walking in the footsteps of the opposite sex.

In comparison the toilet seat left up doesn’t seem such a huge issue really.


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