Ode de toilette


All you meant to me

was a way to get the ladies

not knowing in my youth just how much you were my matey.

To smell you made me gag

when I was a lad

you were nothing more to me than a passing fad.

1 spray was not enough

to catch a lady’s love

and now i know that 5 sprays was simply way too much.

I stopped wearing you for a while

but it didn’t make me smile

for my early years were lacking a certain style.

I found a fragrance that I liked

you were manly and just right

you were more than just a fragrance for the night.

But I still failed to see your worth

so I gave you a wide berth

and avoided you as a dieter fearing chocolate to his girth.

One Christmas day it happened

several gifts had made me gladdened

the sight and smell I had only ever imagined.

Not only one or two but three

fragrances that delighted me

they were bottles of Eau de Toilette, far from the fragrances of Brie.

I once heard it said by a woman

the mark of a fully dressed true man

was the fragrance from his cologne which made him grand.

Now that I am older,

wiser and much bolder

I simply do not feel quite dressed without your fragrance that makes me smoulder.

So here’s to you and here’s to us

from a time I wasn’t fussed

I now know that to be fully dressed you simply are a must.


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