Tele evangelists

Tele evangelists fake or freedom of speech?

I happened upon a Christian channel by accident and my curiosity got the better of me.  So instead of running for cover in another channel I stopped to find out more.

I know what you’re thinking “why do that?”  Simply because I have a curious and open mind and the program was about keys to a successful marriage rather than Christianity.

I was interested in the obviously practical subject matter for the viewer and surprised that a Christian channel addressed practical everyday life not just religion.

At the end of the program the questionable “you can buy this advice now”  which we could argue is wrong or right depending on perspective but the show encouraged the purchase rather than offering the advice for free.  The part I couldn’t understand was that they also asked for and thanked their sponsors, but what was being sponsored if the CD was purchased?

Straight after that program I waited to see what was next only to encounter yet another tele evangelist not evangelising at all but simply thanking and asking for sponsorship aka partnership.

My other question was if they are called tele evangelists how many non Christians were tuning into Christian channels to hear them evangelising?

Do I disagree with it or them?  Not at all because it’s like smoking or going to a palm reader, all personal choice.  If I want to give my money to a tele evangelist promising me success for my faithfulness then that’s my choice, I havent been conned any more than thinking I look cool because I smoke or wear a brand of sunglasses, it’s all about that fix of feel good factor.

We need that feel good fix at any cost, some a holiday, some drugs, some sex, some a new branded pair of shoes, we will pay any price for that feel good factor and for others it’s their religious faithfulness.

None of it is wrong and all of it comes from choice, it can only hurt you if you accept what is said.  If a tele evangelist is telling you that you will be healed if you pay £100 to their ministry and stop taking your medication and you choose to do so then it was still a choice.  We only hear of those that it went terribly wrong for but what of those that it actually worked for, if any, would we hear of them? Perhaps not.

I’m all for free speech and I believe that includes ‘all’, yes even those that hate me or disagree.  I believe we should educate people on how to handle situations like hateful disagreement rather than completely silence, after all only when someone airs their hate can you tackle it rather than them hating behind closed doors and leaving it to take root and be passed on to others.

Live and let live, the button on the remote is for those that choose “no thanks” and their branding is really no different from other brands that have key advertising on our tvs as well as product placements and lifestyle themes on our normal shows, at the end of the day it’s all just money to feel good for a moment of our lives.


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