Leg or breast man?


Leg or breast man? No, I’m not talking about friend chicken I’m talking about what men are attracted too.

It’s the common question guys discuss and could be the difference between marriage and a one night stand.  Imagine for one moment that you are a breast man and you meet a woman with a low-cut top and breasts accentuated drawing you in like a bee to pollen.  You eventually get to the point in the date or relationship where you see each other naked only to find that the shallowness that attracted you to her in the first place, her breasts, were supported in their goal of attracting you by a push up bra, a very good push up bra.  This could define the next stage of the relationship in the negative, however a different result could be achieved if you are a leg and bum man.

At first you could be mistaken into thinking the man is very shallow but if you liken the situation to perhaps taking your girlfriend shopping for shoes and choosing her a pair of black plimsolls instead of those great red heals she actually wanted.

When we buy a car we will often choose one because of its looks just as much as how it runs.  A house is a huge investment and we walk around it inch by inch looking if it’s pleasing to the eye, so why is it shallow if a guy checks out the sway of a woman’s hips, if he’s single and looking to invest in a long-term relationship such as marriage?  Or, surely a man should be checking out his wife’s sway, after all that’s what he was doing before they got married didn’t he? after all it’s the same man and same sway.

Research has been done into why men check out a woman’s rear, the results are strangely naturalistic or animalistic, it’s simply because they are assessing the female for child-bearing.  They are following the laws of nature in selecting a mate to procreate with, subconsciously.

And why would a man then be a breast man?  I haven’t heard of any conclusive research into this myself other than feedback from male friends over the years.  I collated the information into the fact that the female breasts are definitely female (man boobs just aren’t the same) and men find the female form obviously attractive.

So it would seem that a leg and bum man might well be searching for a woman to procreate with or settle down with and a breast man might be more playful in their intent towards a woman and less needing of settling down or procreating with, subconsciously of course.

So the whole “leg or breast man?” question isn’t as shallow as it might seem, it’s a natural and beautiful thing, it’s a part of the beauty of the investment in their selection, it’s subconscious but calculating.

So women beware, the more fake you are when you attract your man the more chance there is of discontent later.  If a man asks you out at your worst or at least at your average then he has invested in the real you, there is nothing worse than finding dry rot in your walls after investing in your house, after all a mortgage is for life not just for sleepovers.


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