Blogging, where it’s at.


After using Twitter and Facebook and being utterly bored with it I realised it was empty and shallow with status’ like “I’m watching Ted, it’s so funny” or “I just ate an entire Watermelon by myself”. I attempted to engage a more intellectual content but my status about chocolate cakes got 10 likes while my intellectually stimulating content got a maximum of 2 likes, usually from the couple of Oriental strangers who’s friend requests I accepted and I’m pretty sure they only clicked like as a politeness norm.

Then I discovered blogging and reading blogs and suddenly I heard my brain begin to turn the cogs in that part  that engages thought processes.  So this is where all of the intellectuals have been hiding, I had a lot of catching up to do.  People have been blogging for years and when I first heard about it I understood it to be some sort of cyber soap box at speakers corner where people ranted about political things rather than the vast pool of subjects there actually are blogs about.

Here I was at the gateway to my haven, the oasis of my intellect and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry with happiness, so I did neither and just wrote my first blog.  After that I read my first blog, sure I’d skim read through a few subjects and opening paragraphs as we all do but then I read my first actual blog and it was like reading an article in a magazine or news paper by an unknown and unhindered journalist.  It was enlightening and engaging, it opened up a whole new world to me.

So I found the hidden oasis of where the secretly smart where hiding themselves on the web, I found where those that wished to engage in more talk than Eastenders or The Voice, I found people that had more to say than who had just split up with whom in Hollywood and if they did speak about it they actually had an intellectual spin on it.

I felt alive and encouraged once more that humanity was still out there and it thought a lot like me, I wasn’t the last of a dying breed.  I was home!


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