Do the old ways hold the answers for today?


We spend millions of pounds on investigating the past to help understand our present to improve our future.  We have scientists all over the world spending millions of man hours over hundreds of years in order to understand questions such as Where did we come from?  How did we evolve?

We investigate these things in order to help us improve today and tomorrow or it is just a huge waste of time and money.

After watching and blogging about the recent Ken Ham vs Bill Nye debate it left me with some obvious questions.

ImageIs there actually any truth in the claims of old time religion?  Was a rain dance during drought the answer to resolving drought issues?  Was a human sacrifice to the volcano god the answer to prosperity?  Was Ra angry with us because we aren’t worshiping the Sun anymore?  and what of the Bible claims Could repentance be the answer to health?  Is England having extreme storms because God was disciplining them (as UKIP leader claims

Are we spending millions to answer questions that the old timers old ways already knew the answers too?  After all if you did enough rain dances and had no rain why would you keep trying?  If you repented and stayed sick why would anyone try again?  Yet these old time ways lasted for generations unchanged.  Did they know something we didn’t?

With science, we have been able to explain why England has had 2 1/2 years of storms, apparently it is due to the arctic weather in America forcing the cold winds to meet with warmer winds creating storms.  That explains how it’s happening but not why?  Then we must search for the root cause to understand fully how to avoid; read signs and prevent these in the future.  So we then see that America is having extreme arctic weather but why?  This they have no answers for, is this where old time beliefs might come in handy?

All over the world we hear records of Deities or higher power to appease for something that has been wronged.  While this sounds crazy to many of us in modern society many still have these beliefs and practice these ways.  Why are they doing it?

ImageMost cultures had never met yet shared the same old stories.  Pagans and Egyptians had very similar stories, the Chinese, Indians, Australian Aboriginals and Bible believing religions all have accounts of a world wide flood and a family surviving on a boat yet they had never met as civilizations.  Perhaps they did all evolved from 2 common ancestors, as Science and the Bible makes claims too, and they just took this same story off into their own region of the world keeping it going for hundreds of thousands of years?  But why did they?  And why did the story remain so similar for so long?

Do Dream Catchers really work?  Many claim they do and if they do perhaps the same people that used them all of those years ago knew something much more than just dreams?  Perhaps they could do a rain dance to bring forth rain?  There are so many claims around the world and yet we mock these claims, ignore them and consider them just crazy old myths from times gone by.

ImageThe Same Egyptians that had the intelligence to build the pyramids believed in and worshiped the Sun god Ra, the same Greeks that invented modern Physics and Philosophy also believed in Gods, the same Romans that had the intelligence to dominate Europe worshiped gods,  the same African’s that had the first University also believed in spirits like angels and demons.  Why would such advanced intellectual civilizations believe in such things and practice it so whole heartedly?

Was it simply a case of the story of the “Emperors New Clothes”  everyone did it simply because everyone else did?  That doesn’t make sense considering human behavior.  When Rome forced the pagans to become Christian many pagans refused, when the Christians were forced to become Muslim they refused, when the Catholics and Protestants split it showed clear signs of breaking from the norm.

So why did so many global cultures practice so many mythical practices?  Did they actually know something that we don’t know?  Did they have the answers to our current problems which we may only have because we are no longer practice these old time ways?  What if we are stubbornly mocking the old ways at our detriment rather than making investigation of them?

We perhaps need to spend as much time and effort into investigating the old ways in order to help understand them and how or if they work.

Jesus’ teachings seemed to hold much of it’s foundations in “faith” the old time religions seem to also hold similar principles, even the story of Santa Clause told today is about faith, as seen on TV.  Are we mocking something that holds the answers rather than acting in faith in those answers?  Is faith just the excuse or get out clause for if the old ways are not working?  Is it purely a coincidence 50% of the time which keeps people trying again and again, where they can just excuse away the other 50% with “I didn’t have enough faith last time.”

With so many questions surrounding this subject surely it validates some investment into investigating “with faith” that perhaps just perhaps there might actually be some hidden answers within it that we need today.  Or we could just wait out the storms and explain it away as “coincidence” and “chance” and “it’s OK because it’s gone now.”  But what of the next time and the next time and the time after that?  Why wait out something we perhaps could avoid now?  Why wait until we invent some new ridiculously expensive but ineffective modern laser weather control, that might or might not help control the weather?  Why spend billions on creating new weather reading systems and defense barriers if we could find the answer to stop these problems altogether just using the old ways?  It truly doesn’t make any sense to me and quite frankly seems a little naive to just poo poo the old “myths” as holding no validity at all, especially all things considered.

This is all just “crazy talk” has prevented many a pioneer from achieving, but perhaps the pioneering research for today is researching the old claims of yesteryear and in many cases present year e.g. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Paganism etc.  For example Christianity makes claims that mankind is in the Last days and the current weather and natural disasters are all just part of it.  Was global warming spoken about in the Bible prophecies more than 2000 years ago?  If so how did it know?  What else does it know?

It’s not about trying to prove or disprove a God or deity we know that cant be done, on the contrary , however we can investigate the claims and ways of the religion surrounding the deity.  Take for example Cancer research, we spend billions on it and still today you can have 20 people treated with the exact same treatment with the same level and type of cancer where 10 survive and 10 don’t, but why?  Still others receive no medical treatment and rely on prayer or a change of diet and beat the cancer, but why?  Was it a genetic issue or a faith issue?

ImageSome research into Biblical claims have been done but inconclusively, where they see the number of success cases in hospital with those receiving prayer and those that don’t.  It seems that those that receive prayer (even without the patient aware) have a higher success rate for recovery than those that don’t receive prayer,  but why? and surely it should be a part of the NHS along with the medical treatment to prescribe a coarse of prayer?

I do hope that rather than mocking these old time religions we take them seriously to some extent or at least enough to research them with some validity and not with the bias of disproving but rather with the bias of desiring enlightenment.

For now, I shall be using my “faith” in the new and the old by putting on my “man made fiber” rain mack, carrying my “man made fiber” windproof umbrella while repenting on behalf of England for the sins that have upset God, whoever that might be.


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