Politics and the unemployed


After watching Daily Politics BBC2 on my lunch break and hearing the demonising of the unemployed and those that use “Food Banks” I got to thinking.

As the UK tightens it’s unemployment benefits belt, it’s reasoning is that it can push the unemployed back to work because somehow they enjoy being unemployed.  At the same time Employers are constantly cutting jobs, streamlining jobs and balancing their budgets at the cost of employees much of the time.

So as the UK  employment sector slowly shrinks we push more people into looking for jobs that aren’t even there.  This goes back to one of my earlier blogs where we are forcing people into work they don’t want to do and do so half heartedly, at the expense of people that do want work.

It’s a numbers game: If we have an unemployment rate of 7.8% and 2% of those unemployed don’t want to work then that 2% of the unemployment rate will be forced to take jobs from the 5.8% that do want work if they can get it.  More people applying for the same job, making it harder to get work and the chances of those that have a no work attitude actually having a CV that encourages employment anyway is negligible.

Looking at unemployment logically:  How many jobs are created through the unemployment sector?  What happens when the unemployed all gets jobs?  Those in the unemployment industry all lose jobs thus creating more jobs in the unemployment sector and so the cycle continues.

Over 2 million unemployed in the UK at the moment, we have increased the legal requirements for staying in education until 18 which will drop the unemployment rate by 1 million overnight and perhaps increase the job rate also which could mean the UK unemployment rate drops overnight by nearly 2 million however this will only increase unemployment in other areas.

Immigration vs migration rates:  In 2008 the immigration rate was just under 600,000 however the migration rate was 425,000, meaning only approximately 175,000 new members of the UK some of those perhaps children and unemployable anyway and we assume that perhaps 125,000 are seeking work in the UK so we can presume that Immigrants aren’t steeling all of our jobs.

So what is the reality?  The reality is that there will always be unemployed whether we like it or not, the unemployed create jobs, most unemployed people want a job, so if some don’t they create jobs anyway perhaps we actually need some people to not want to work and “sponge off of the country.”

What’s the real alternative?  The alternative is quite simple.  Create Jobs for the unemployed as social servants from litter picking to helping old ladies through meals on wheels, that way they will receive a wage instead of a free handout.  The unemployment sector would shrink but the administration of these new jobs created would create new jobs for those that are no longer needed in the unemployments sector.

At the end of the day it is still the responsibility of the government to create those “social servant” sector jobs.  “Social servant” jobs will mean that if someone is in receipt of a wage for picking up litter rather than the current “money for nothing” scheme and they hate their job it will force them to have a change of attitude towards applying for better jobs in the future.

So why wont the government do this?  Quite simply because it is still far cheaper to give someone money for doing nothing at the bear minimum costs than it would be to create more jobs at the basic rate of pay which of coarse they would then have to do on paper and logistically at least.

Another alternative: Perhaps another key could be to encourage more self employment and new business start ups as another healthy alternative to “the problem.”

Other considerations in the unemployment stats:  In many cases it would seem that many of those supposedly “doing nothing” might be doing unpaid work such as babysitting for family members that do work but cant afford child care and jobs similar to these which they would not be available to do if they worked which could mean the working family member would have to quite work and become unemployed in order to take care of their own child.

Basically, there is no hard and fast answer and we should stop wasting our time concentrating on finding one.  We should stop demonising those unemployed and just accept there will always be unemployed and many of those will be quite happy doing nothing.


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