Top Gear new season review.


I mentioned the new season of Top Gear a couple of weeks ago.  I mentioned my enjoyment of season s past and my excitement at the up coming new season.

That was until I sat down to watch the first episode yesterday on a rerun.  Quite simply this was the earliest time I had to actually sit down and tune in.

My thoughts:

I have to say this was the first time I felt a little disappointed at an episode of the show.  On a few occasions there was that nagging feeling that the show content was all set up but much like wrestling and a magician it was real enough to keep you watching and that became part of the enjoyment, the guessing.  However the start of this season was far reaching and felt extremely staged, almost insulting my intelligence.  If I am making a mistake and it was all legitimate and actual unrehearsed events then I take this opportunity to apologise.

My attention was drifting much like a scene from Fast and Furious and I found little to laugh at because it felt unnatural much like Astroturf.

Have the Top Gear team finally ran out of ideas and find themselves reaching or was this just a hiccup for an over ambitious first episode due to viewer expectations such as my own?

I liked the ideas behind the episode old hatchbacks vs new, I liked the concept behind the show, however I didn’t like the delivery at all, it felt empty and lacked heart.

Older episodes drew you in as a viewer and although not actually on set you had a sense of sharing with the on set audience.  Not this time.  This time the whole show felt a bit like amateur night at the Apollo.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the Star in a reasonably priced car star either.  While I’m sure that Downton Abbey is a new hit series and the actor happens to be in a new big Hollywood movie at the moment, he just doesn’t have the interest value to make even that part of the show interesting for me.

With the next episode of the new series on tonight I will endeavor to tune in again however if it plays out much the same as last weeks show I wont be too worried about missing an episode and will have to find myself something else to watch for my Sunday evening viewing.


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