What a dangerous web we weave

There are the obvious in your face dangers to using the the web but I have found an increasing danger on the web that could make it more dangerous than ever.


Misinformation is passing the point of safe and obvious.  A line has been crossed where in the past you could trust the websites you found on searches, however as more and more people use the Internet and have the freedom to basically do what they want there is with it a huge increase in misinformation now on the web.  This might have been OK in the past when you found the odd bit of false information, on the odd crack pot website, amongst the search engines web lists, however this is no longer th case, now there are more untrustworthy web sites and blogs misinforming than there are trustworthy sites and blogs.  

Counter information makes you more confused than understanding which defeats the whole reason that you jumped to google and yahoo in the first place.  One site says a product is harmful while another speaks of it’s health benefits.  So you trawl through more sites only to find more counter information.

This misinformation is driving and nearly has driven me off of the web all together except for some occasional entertainment such as youtube and some business via email.

It is beginning to feel like the Internet might have been somewhat of a fad as I now find myself turning back to books for research, the telephone or pub for socialising and books, magazines and papers for entertainment.  Which takes me back to my earlier blog “Entertainment Exhausted.”

Which leads me to the question have the old ways kept their newspapers and books etc in circulation gambling that the Internet might be a fad or was it just a normal part of any transition?  Because the film industry went to the web last yet closed their “hard copy” stores from the high streets rather quick in comparison, which even the Music industry didn’t do although downloadable MP3s were the first to transfer from hard copy.

The future is still an interesting place, the wait to see how it shall look considering it’s not all it might at first seem.


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