Super Bowl XLVIII Weekend


Here we go!  The Super Bowl is right around the corner and just like many other national holidays people are making their plans, Where will they spend it?  Who with? What to eat and drink?

Once the plans are set and the the journeys organised, people will be getting their favorite team Jerseys out of the closet ready to fly their team colours on this ultimate end to another American Football season.

The advertisers have paid for their 30 second adverts a tiny $4 million for the space alone, never mind the cost of making the ads themselves.  The half time show has been planned and perfected, Hosting Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chilie Peppers, the tickets all sold out at over $1000 each.  New York is ready for the biggest one day sporting event in the world and is on standby with the possibility of an arctic snap over the Super Bowl weekend.  Leaving the question could it all end up being canceled for the first time ever.  The only other time weather had affected the Super Bowl was when it was postponed due to bad lightning.

Weather hasn’t been an issue to the NFL: with games being played in most weathers including -20 weather, 8 inches of snow, fog so thick TV viewers couldn’t watch the game.  So we presume that this year’s Super Bowl will go ahead as planned.  For many around the world it will be a case of staying up very late to watch or getting up very early.  Sensible fans would have booked time off of work , but die hard fans will no doubt stumble into work everywhere East of “The Pond” and attempt to put in a day’s work.

This Year’s Super Bowl will host the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, both number 1 seeds.  We should be in for a good game as the Number 1 Offense goes up against the Number 1 Defense.  By Monday we shall have a new World champion which is a strange term considering the NFL only includes American teams, but that’s another subject all together.

I’d love to hear about you’re plans for this year’s Super Bowl or any other funny stories you have about your personal Super Bowl experiences.


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