Pro Bowl


As a regular viewer of the NFL’s Pro Bowl I tuned in last night at 12am to enjoy a nice game, although a very late one for us in Europe.

First thing was to get my head around the new rules and teams, Team Rice vs Team Saunders.  This then lead me to an uncomfortable conundrum, who do I support?  Usually it’s easy, you choose the team that has your team players on, but this year your team players find themselves mixed on opposing teams.

So during the first quarter I had lost a lot of interest because I had no one to root for.  I couldn’t just root for my team players because that didn’t make sense in a team sport.

If this was a change to help to encourage viewing it didn’t work for me.  If I have misunderstood the new rules it was probably because I had lost interest to the point of no longer following the game, that just shows the changes failed.  If this is the future of the NFL Pro Bowl at least I know I will miss nothing when I don’t stay up late on a Sunday night to watch.

I continued to watch the Pro Bowl until the very end because I did want to understand, because I do enjoy the sport, however I wasn’t gripped at any point even though I gave it my best unbiased attempts.

I hope that the NFL listen to public opinion, in saying that I assume I wasn’t the only viewer disinterested?  I hope they change the system back to the old easy to understand NFC vs AFC system.

Until then, thankfully I still have the Super Bowl to look forward to and the long hard 7 months of NFL Off-season to countdown through.


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