When men wore make-up

I remember hearing at some point around the turn of the century that make-up for men was being promoted.  I laughed and thought I hope not because that would be very strange.  


This week I stumbled upon Human League – Don’t you want me, an old 80s single.  I was shocked to see it performed live by a man wearing make-up just like the women in the group.  I don’t remember men wearing make-up during that period of time but as I clicked on link after link of singles I realised how many men during that time in-fact did wear make-up.


I realised that it wasn’t a new concept in fashion at all.  Then I remember back to my times studying European history and just how many men wore make-up, even kings.  So where has this make-up for men gone?  Am I just in the wrong circles?  Why does it only have such a short shelf life even in these anything goes years?

Are men ready for male make-up once more or have we left it behind for a long time with the likes of Boy George and the Kings of old or will it make another revival at some point in our lifetime?

I can’t speak for all men but I can for myself and the men I know, we most definitely aren’t ready for it at the moment.  Make-up is seen as a thing for women.  A burden to most men especially when trying to get out of the house on time.  The thought of fighting for the same mirror as your partner to get of the house on time is unbearable.  We would need a combined 6 hours of preparation time for every event, most of which wont even last as long.

Perhaps in this age of stick ons and clip ons if they invented male make-up we could stick on for the evening and then just take off before bed you might be onto something but even then it would take some major marketing by some extremely manly men before we bought into the idea.

The other question is this:  would women want to see their men wearing make-up?



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