Top Gear’s new series

The new series of Top Gear starts February 2nd 2014.  Although I can still quite happily sit down and enjoy an old episode of Top Gear without getting bored I am looking forward to the new series.  I remember sitting down with my Dad and watching Top Gear as a child and teenager as it was one of the only programs we both enjoyed and it was somehow a male bonding ritual on Sunday evenings.  I now get to enjoy this ritual with my own son although only 2 years old he asks to watch and sits through a whole episode quite happily which surprises me some what, considering his usual disinterest with TV.   The other day my son turned around to me and re-quoted Jeremy Clarkson “He soiled himself”  which made me laugh for quite some time.

Incase you have never seen the show, it is a show about mostly cars presented by Three Stooges, the first a sarcastic tall man with a way with words, the second a small youngish man who’s job seems to be to attract the female viewer and the third a slightly grumpy, practical man that seems less worried about the 0-60 and more worried about the fuel economy.

I mentioned that it was mostly about cars, which it is, however they do like to include caravans if they get to destroy them, buses and vans if they get to race and destroy them, planes and helicopters if they get to race and beat them and even some trains and bikes if they get to race and beat them.

With reviews about every car from electric to Super cars that most cant afford but still love to drool about and everything in between, with entertaining competitions each week that keep you gripped up to the last minute such as building amphibian vehicles out of cars to test on land and water to racing mountain climbers to the top of the mountain in midrange cars they do manage to keep you interested throughout the one hour show.

The best bit for me is that this years new series happens to fall on the same day as this years Super Bowl which will make that Sunday an especially manly man’s day. Grrrrrrr Ugg Ugg!


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