Entertainment age

I’m not old but I feel it, not because of the usual problems like less flexibility or aches and pains, I feel old because the entertainment industry no longer holds my attention.

I switch on the tv and begin my hunt for something to watch but it feels like I’ve seen it all before, movies have the same actors and story lines, internet, as limitless as it is, has nothing new to offer.  At the end of the day we have new technology but the same human needs like socialising and stimulation.  We still write for entertainment sake, no longer letters now it’s stus’ and blogs, we still watch but no longer the irregular theater production now it’s movies on demand.  We still love to be part of a community but now we can choose our cyber community online.

I tried the video game industry for a while but either the games were to repetative, after all there’s only so many weapons you can use to kill a million aliens.  The stories were too long and indepth and by the time I had a chance, between my adult responsibilities, to pick up the story line I had forgot what was going on.  Or you had to press so many buttons in a coded order that I gave up trying to remember the code on top of all of my pins and passwords I also had to remember in life it didn’t seem worth it.

So now what?  How can the entertainment industry continue to hold an ageing population’s attention?

For now, for me, I might be back down the pub or reading a book (no, not on a kindle, a real paper book)


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