Becoming a Dad

Becoming a Dad

It’s the thing that keeps the human race going yet the scariest moment in many men’s life.  It’s the beginning of real responsibility and yet you’ll need to spend more hours than ever before behaving like a child.  You wait the longest 9 months of your life yet it flies past giving you no real time to prepare.  

You become servant and errand boy ,fetching and carrying for your partner, after all she always has to carry the heavy load.  You have one eye on mum to be while the other is in every baby book available.  Every twinge could be “it” and every baby item in the store is now in your chosen baby bedroom.

It’s the time when men have to learn a whole new skill set that no XBOX could teach, such as cooking, spring cleaning whatever the season.  You have to learn to be a biologist, a nanny and a nappy God.  You need to be able to handle every mood swing correctly and every expectation on time.

Did I mention that it’s the greatest time in a man’s life?



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